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Engineeringcarbon management solutionsfor a sustainable tomorrow.

Global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have exceeded 35 billion tons per annum. Without action, the world will experience irreversible environmental changes.


Industry needs
Carbon Transformation.

Heavy industry operations account for 32% of global CO2. While essential, the manufacture and production of materials and products, including cement and concrete, glass, liquid fuels and steel, contribute significantly to industrial CO2 emissions.
Graph depicting industry contributions to global CO2 emissions. Heavy Industry accounts for 32%, Electricity and Heat 31%, Agriculture, Forestry and Land 17%, Transportation 15%, and Other Industries 5%.
  • Heavy Industry
  • Electricity and Heat
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Land
  • Transportation
  • Other

At ICM, we believe that targeting heavy industry can result in huge impact in the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


Here's what we're working on.

Commercial-scale CO2 utilization

Flue stack gas conversion for enriched concrete products.


Artificial intelligence for smart concrete formulations.

Seawater mineralization

Direct air capture for carbonated solid wastes.

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