Work with Us

Work with Us

Why Work at ICM?

ICM man scientist working on a low-carbon 3D printed concrete element in the laboratory

At ICM, we develop and accelerate the commercialization of pioneering climate solutions from the lab-scale to pilots and eventually commercial companies (start-ups) across our three focus areas: industrial decarbonization, carbon removals, and energy transition.

We are a group of scientists, researchers, engineers, and business builders united by our passion for climate and our ambition to solve some of the biggest problems. We are organized into agile and world-class action teams, which have enabled ICM-born technologies to be commercialized via 6 spin-out companies.

Hear from Our Current Employees

Xin Chen, PhD

Lead R&D Engineer

“Working at ICM gives me opportunities to change the world with my own hands and thoughts.

I realize and de-risk seawater electrolysis and advance our technology from lab to commercial plants.”

Geanna Hovey, P.Eng

Lead R&D Engineer

“At ICM, I have the opportunity to work at a world-class institute, where I can combine my passion for the environment with the development of innovative and disruptive solutions to address the greatest challenge of our time.

As an engineer, I collaborate with our research team to scale up and develop integrated processes based on concepts proven at the bench scale”

Manas Sarkar, PhD


“I’ve been fortunate to work at ICM – A rewarding journey! I’m proud to be part of a team making a real impact on sustainability.

Here I investigate techniques to further improve the CO2 uptake in concrete”

What Type of People Do We Recruit?

Two man and one woman scientists using laboratory protective equipment and smiling


Scientists and researchers passionate to be a part of the climate solution, flair to solve challenging problems and with experience in relevant fields like cement and concrete research, electrochemistry, geochemistry and materials science.

A woman and a man engineers wearing protective equipment and working on a laptop


Engineers passionate about solving climate change, excited to work on stimulating problems and with experience in developing and scaling up bench-scale/ pilot scale systems, system integration, factor acceptance tests and plant shakedowns and managing and leading teams.

Business office with a man presenting at the board to other workers

Business Professionals

Business professionals interested in identifying breakthrough climate technologies, translating those technologies into commercial ventures, building businesses including fundraising, stakeholder engagement and operational excellence.

Open Positions

Postdoctoral Researcher

Develop novel methods for actively controlling the rheological behavior of cementing suspensions (e.g., stimuli-responsive suspensions).

Postdoctoral Researcher

Develop an applied process for mine tailing utilization for carbon capture.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Work on mineral precipitation of carbonates and hydroxides.

Admin Assistant

Provide administrative support to the director and staff of the Department of Institute for Carbon Management.

Sr. Fund Manager

Manage funds for the Department of Institute for Carbon Management which includes highly complex state, federal and private contract and grants, gifts, and sales and service accounts.

If none of the above positions fit your profile, but you have a passion for climate impact.